all-nighter: documented

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with the final over, I decided to document our final all-nighter of the year. the stress, the anger, the pain, the joy…. the sleeping. gotta love it, and I’m looking forward to next semester’s studio


pics that I meant to upload….

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some old pictures that I meant to upload a week or two ago, documenting the trip to our site for our studio final. And some new storm king pics as well.


new pics for a new week

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some pics about sustainable design… and some cool transportation pics thrown in there as well from a few weeks back. more to come


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This week I took some pictures of people around Slocum, but I did it so they wouldn’t know I was taking pictures of them. Stalkerish? Possibly. Fun? yes

Ted Talks

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Watchin’ some Ted Talks this week. For some reason they won’t let me link the videos from the url… but regardless.



Tim Jackson’s Economic Reality Check: This video caught my eye at once. The economy is something I think is definitely a big deal, and Mr. Jackson makes some really good points. The economy is actually more integrated into climate change and environmental protection than most may think. I like his talk about materiality, and how most of our materials that we use are novelties. In my opinion he’s saying that we need to realize what things we need or deserve and what things we buy are superfluous.



Steven Johnson- Where Good Ideas Come From: As a designer, Steven Johnson puts to the table an interesting discussion about how we get good ideas and where our good ideas come from. His concept of the ‘liquid network’ sounds a lot like the studio that I find myself in everyday- a place for me to bounce my ideas off people and for people to bounce their ideas off me.  Mr. Johnson shatters the conception that one person has a ‘eureka’ moment by pointing out how important ideas have long incubation periods.



Amy Tan on Creativity: Miss Tan put a funny approach on a pretty serious topic… where does creativity come from? Who decides our fate but ourselves? A insightful and interesting talk.



Ken Robinson- Education Revolution: Sir Ken Robinson’s talk about education reform was, I thought, extremely interesting and pertinent in today’s world. We put too much pressure on kids to be what their parents think they should be except letting them choose themselves. He is right, the schooling system worldwide needs to be transformed.



Stephen Hawking asks Big Questions about the Universe: I have always been interested in the solar system, so naturally this one caught my eye. To think that our world is headed for destruction in the next hundred years lest we move off of it is not terribly welcoming. The questions he poses can really get you thinking though… how long do civilizations really last? Are we just another one on the timeline?

The Blogosphere

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While searching the blogosphere, I found some pretty interesting and inspiring things. Note:

20 things

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Twenty things that caught my eye around stoooods. Lots’a’pics today